Which Chat Emoji Are You?

Which chat emoji would you be if you were an emoji? Find out now by taking our quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Smiling Face with Heart Eyes
You are the Smiling Face with Heart Eyes. You are an enthusiastic, positive, and cheerful person. You live life passionately, and people love being around you.

Smiley Face Crying Tears of Joy and Laughter
You are the Smiley Face Crying Tears of Joy and Laughter. Your spirit animal is a hyena, for obvious reasons. Your laughter is quite contagious, and people adore being around you, because you put them in a great mood.

Smiley Face
You are the classic Smiley Face. You are a happy, genuine sort of person that makes friends very easily. People look up to you because of your confident, cheerful personality and upbeat nature. You are a leader and always put everything you can toward accomplishing your goals.

Loudly Crying Face
You are the Loudly Crying Face. You are a natural-born drama queen. You cry during movies, listening to sad songs, in unfair situations, in frustrating moments, and so much more. You are also likely to pick up on other people's emotions and energies, and absorb them as your own. Despite your penchant for the dramatic, you are a very artistic, creative, and interesting person, and people adore being around you.

Angry Face
You are the Angry Face. You have a hot temper, that's for sure--and should probably seek out some anger management counseling or yoga classes to help you deal with your emotions. On the other hand, you are a passionate person and extremely sexy--and are a fiercely loyal and true friend to the people you love the most.