How Much Do You Know About Roman Mythology?

From gods to devils, Roman mythology is full of stories of love and loss. How much do you know about Roman mythology?

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1. Who is the king of the Roman gods?
Jupiter Juno Neptune Apollo

2. Who is the queen of the Roman gods?
Venus Juno Mercury Diana

3. Who is the messenger of the gods?
Mars Apollo Judo Mercury

4. Who is the god of erotic love and beauty?
Venus Cupid Diana Jupiter

5. Who is the god of war?
Mercury Apollo Mars Neptune

Here are all the results with descriptions

No Roman Mythology Knowledge
No surprise here, I am sure, as you have obviously not read, studied, or watched anything that taught you about Roman mythology. You would be wise to just pick up a book and try to learn some of the basics. You will soon realize that everything, from commercials to cartoons, makes references to these wonderful stories!

Basic Roman Mythology Knowledge
You know just enough to get by, but you could sure stand to learn more. There are many times a friend or colleague makes a reference to one of these stories of gods and devils, and you just have to nod along like you understand. Try learning a little more. You might be surprised at how entertaining these stories really are!

Good Roman Mythology Knowledge
You have a decent memory of the Roman gods and devils, and you seem to understand some of the roles they played in Roman culture. You should be pleased with your better-than-average knowledge of this ancient world!

Strong Roman Mythology Knowledge
You seem to have a strong knowledge of the mythology of ancient Rome. You must be very interested in stories from this time, and you are right to be! They are the basis of many modern-day soap operas, love stories, and tragedies. You should be proud to have such a great understanding of a mythology that has influenced our modern life in more ways than we can count!

Excellent Roman Mythology Knowledge
You might be the next Roman god or goddess of knowledge! Wow, you must live and breathe this stuff. Great job on having excellent knowledge of Roman mythology! Now, go get a life of your own (wink, wink).