Choose 10 Items You Can’t Live Without And We Will Tell You Who You Are!

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You Are A Fashionista
The ten things that you can't live without tells us that you care about your sense of style above most everything else. You are a style king or queen, there's no doubt about that! Grab your make up and your best outfit and show the world what you've got (and what you can't live without)!

You Are A Technology Whiz
You can't live without your cell phone in your pocket, your computer on your lap, and your other electronics within a arm's reach from you. You love technology and you strive to learn everything that you can about it! Just hope that your battery doesn't die!

You Are A Foodie
You love snacks any time of the day, and you would hate to be without them. You love both junk food and the most refined foods alike! While it's true that no one can live without food, you can't live without desserts, treats, and gormet meals.

You Are An Animal Lover
If there is one thing that you can't live without it's got to be your furry or feathered friends! You love your pets, and you probably want to have more than you already do! You are the type of person to say "hi" to the dogs you see on the street and to want to look at the fish for sale whenever you go to the pet store. Animals are lucky to have a person like you in their lives.

You Are A Romantic
Romantic fantasies flow through your brain. You hate it when you are single, so you try to be in a relationship whenever you can. Romantic novels and movies are some of your favorites. Will you ever meet your soul mate? Only time will tell.