What Is Your Level Of Empathy?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You have a high empathy level. You feel others emotions almost as well as you feel your own. This can be hard to deal with at times, but others are likely to be able to help with this.

You have average empathy levels. You are most empathetic towards people who you care about, and less towards people who you don't know, which is understandable. You can learn to become more empathetic if you want to, but you have a good level of empathy now.

You have a low level of empathy. You only tend to be empathetic when you care deeply about someone, or if you purposefully need to be empathetic to solve a problem or understand someone. If you want to, you can always learn how to raise your empathy level.

Your empathy level is at zero. You are just not an empathetic person. Some people may see this as a bad trait, but it is not bad in itself. So long as you can still care about people, it does not matter if you are empathetic or not. You can always learn to raise your empathy levels, if you want.

Sympathetic, Not Empathetic
Your answers on this quiz show that you are not empathetic, but sympathetic. This means that you can understand and feel something for someone else, but you do not feel their emotions as your own. Sympathy is a great skill to have, even if you are not empathetic.