What Name Should You Have Been Given At Birth?

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You should have been given the name Charlotte at birth! The name Charlotte is of French origin and means "free man." This name truly embodies your free spirited attitude and love of adventure. You believe that life is in the moments you take big risks, not in the moments you play it safe.

You should have been given the name Harper at birth! The name Harper literally means "one who plays the harp" but it has also been used to describe those who are highly creative and passionate. Much like this name entails, you are a creative soul who has boundless ideas and imagination. You live life with a sense of purpose and gusto without worrying what others think.

You should have been given the name Sophia at birth! The name Sophia means "wisdom" and there's no better word in the dictionary to describe you. Others say you possess a wisdom and a grace that far surpasses your age. You're articulate, compassionate, and self aware. You have a great ability to help others and pass on sage advice.

You should have been given the name Grace at birth! This Latin name means "God's favor" and we couldn't think of a more fitting name for a spiritual and inquisitive soul like yourself. You're constantly looking for meaning and hope in the world around you. You believe that there are so many little miracles to rejoice in every single day! One just has to open their eyes to the possibilities.

You should have been given the name Taylor at birth! The name Taylor means "to cut," but we don't think there's any short cuts in the way you live life. You're a highly creative and passionate soul who constantly seeks out new adventures. You believe in savoring life's everyday moments without ever becoming complacent.