Who Do You Become At Night?

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Vixen
At night, you become a total vixen! By day, you're mild mannered and fairly reserved. You don't openly flirt with others and you're not typically wearing tight fitting or suggestive clothing. At night, your alter ego emerges, proving a true vixen and serial flirt!

A Rebel
At night, you're a total rebel! By day, you always play by the rules, follow orders, and do exactly what you're told. Though you're not one to stir the pot, you can't help but feel a bit caged in your day to day life. This is why at night you let loose and let your rebel flag fly!

A Flirt
At night, you become a total flirt! By day, you wouldn't be caught dead flirting with a random stranger or buying drinks for mysterious people at the bar. By night, you just can't help but tap into all of your wildest fantasies and flirt until the sun comes up!

An Introvert
At night, you become a total introvert! By day, you're all about socializing, being a team player, and getting along with your friends and co-workers. By the time night rolls around, you feel pretty much totally drained by all of the socialization and become a total introvert. You love a quiet night to read, reflect, and just be on your own!