Which Inside Out Emotion Would You Be?

Do you ever wonder which Inside Out emotion you'd be? Take this quiz to find out!

Tags: Personality, Attitude, Character-Trait, Behavior, Emotion, Spirit

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are Joy, the light of Riley's world and the source of all her happiness. An incorrigible optimist, you are always sure to face life's problems with a smile on your face, and you definitely will never give up or allow yourself to become overwhelmed. That being said, your drive and your determination can lead you to forget the input and value of others. Make sure you listen to all sorts of stories, not just happy ones!

You are Sadness and are therefore very familiar with the problems and complications of life. That being said, as the movie shows us, you are fundamental to love and community. Without you, empathy isn't possible, and everything will fall apart. Though you are prone to be melancholy, you are also perhaps the wisest and most intuitive of the emotions. Keep listening to your heart, Sadness. It will lead you right!

You are Fear, which means your job, above all things, is to keep Riley safe. That does not, however, mean you are a coward. It means that you are very good at analyzing situations for all possible outcomes -- especially ones that are likely to do you harm -- and you know exactly what steps to take to mitigate those risks. While the other emotions can fly off the handle a bit, you always make sure to keep everyone doing what's sensible.

You are Anger, and that means that you make sure that people stand up for themselves and that justice is always served. Being Anger does not mean you are unkind, or mean, of course. It means you are willing to fight for what you believe in and can, in desperate times, inspire courage. That being said, you also tend to be impulsive and a little reckless, so make sure you listen to the other emotions to keep you on track!

You are Disgust, the clever, suave, and sophisticated one of the group. You recognize the importance of impressions and will do your best to make sure everyone looks and acts their best. You are also the best at reading people. You can see right through their nonsense and their deceptions and into what makes them tick and how to get along with them. That being said, you can at times be a little too bristly, so make sure you listen to the other emotions to soften you up!