Which Food Represents You As A Person?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The food that best represents you is an onion! Much like an onion, you have many layers to you. You can be sweet and nice, yet spicy and bitter. Your personality is very complex, yet simple and almost transparent. For some people, you're a bit much but to most, you're just the thing to spice up an otherwise bland day.

The food that best represents you is a coconut! Much like a coconut, you're hard on the outside and soft on the inside. You're a highly refreshing and unique person who can easily make others feel calm or at ease. You bring others up when their feeling down by simply being yourself.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
The food that best represents you is a chocolate chip cookie! Much like this cookie, you're popular and comforting. You can take on many different shapes and embody many different moods, but you always make people feel happy and at ease. You put smiles on people's faces, helping to produce joy wherever you go.

The food that best represents you is a macaron! Much like a macaron, you may look simple and sweet from the outside, but really you're quite complex. You require a bit of patience and understanding. As a highly sensitive person, you are quite delicate and easy to crush. This is why you often build walls to keep others out.

The food that best represents you is a pizza! Much like a pizza, you're the person everyone always wants around. People find you very easy going and easy to talk to. You have great emotional intelligence, are highly independent, and always do things with a smile.