Which Glasses Shape Fits You Best?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Circle Frame
Round glasses will fit your face and your personality the best! These are sure to make you stand out in a good way! These glasses have a vintage flair to them that is sure to match many of your outfits and make you look stunning.

Rounded Rectangle
Fully suquared glasses are kind of for you, and so are rounded glasses... luckily, you can get glasses that are partly rounded and squared. You are sure to look nice and these. They may even make you look smarter!

Rounded Frame
A complete circle woudn't fit your face perfectly, but glasses that are rounded but not entirely a circle are perfect for you. You are sure to look cute and smart in glasses as great as these!

Glasses with a half-frame are sure to look the best on you. They are both stylish and professional. Plus, this style comes in many different sub-styles, so you can personalize your look even more!

Rectangle Frame
A rectangle frame is perfect for you. It's simple and professional. It doesn't draw a lot of attenion, but that's okay. You are sure to be able to make these glasses shine!