How Is Your IQ Actually Divided?

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50% Spatial, 20% Interpersonal, 30% Creative
Your IQ is divided like this: 50% spatial intelligence, 20% interpersonal intelligence, and 30% creative intelligence. Your spatial intelligence allows you to grasp how things lay in a space. This is the type of intelligence that is most present in airline pilots, chess masters, and even engineers. Your interpersonal intelligence allows you to easily understand people's, motives, and emotional concepts. Your creative intelligence allows you to think outside of the box, innovate, and see things in new ways.

50% Logical, 30% Language, 20% Creative
Your IQ is divided like this: 50% logical, 30% language, and 20% creative. Your logical intelligence gives you the unique ability to problem solve, analyze, and connect patterns with ease. Your linguistic intelligence gives you a great grasp on grammar, language, critical reading concepts, and more. Your creative intelligence allows you to think broadly and with innovation. You don’t see things as they are but for what they could eventually be.

60% Creative, 20% Musical, 10% Naturalist, 10% Logical
Your IQ is divided up like this: 60% creative, 20% musical, 10% naturalist and 10% logical. You’re mostly a creative person who thinks outside of the box. You tend to be very innovative and inventive, with a great knack for solving problems. You also have a very musical intelligence, which makes it easy for you not only to read music, but to solve complex mathematical problems. With a naturalist IQ, you can also be very keen on the world around you, as well as biological and scientific principles.

40% Interpersonal, 20% Spatial, 20% Naturalist, 20% Logical
Your IQ is divided up like this: 40% Interpersonal, 20% Musical, 10% Naturalist, and 10% logical. You’re a people person who has a great ability to read people, motivate others, understand complex emotions, and find meaning in behavior. You also have a great spatial intelligence, which can make you adept at solving complex problems, engineering solutions, or simply finding a great space for a new piece of furniture.