How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Really Need?

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12 Hours Of Sleep
While the average American requires 7-8 hours of sleep per night in order to feel rested, you require 12! Anything less than this number and you feel downright exhausted! Try aiming for this number and you'll find yourself feeling refreshed and ready for anything!

10 Hours Of Sleep
You require 10 hours of sleep in order to feel rested and ready to go! Anything less than 10 and you're an irritable less than delightful human being. Fret not, try starting a new bedtime routine that will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

7 Hours Of Sleep
Like the average American, you need 7 hours of sleep in order to feel rested and ready for the day. Anything less than 7 and you're a groggy tired mess. We know that getting sleep isn't always easy, but aim for 7 and you'll be living your best life.

5 Hours Of Sleep
You're one of the lucky people who only need 5 hours of sleep in order to feel rested! You can run on just a few hours of sleep without any issues of being tired or feeling run down. This means that you've got more time to truly enjoy very hour of the day!

4 Hours Of Sleep
You only need four hours of sleep in order to feel rested! We're not sure how you do it, but you can easily get through a day on only 4 hours of sleep. Perhaps you've trained yourself to feel rested on less sleep in order to get all of your projects done in a day. Whatever the reason, count yourself as lucky!