What Is the Story Behind Your Tattoo?

Can we guess, based on the questions below, the story behind your tattoo? Take the quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

represents a loved one.
Your tattoo symbolizes a deeply personal connection to someone else. It could be an 'In memory' tattoo, which you got to remember someone you've lost. It could also be a 'matching tattoo,' something you and that special someone share. Heck, it could also be for an important animal in your life. Pets are family, too!

is religious/spiritual.
Your tattoo symbolizes a deeply held conviction you have. It could be a religious symbol, like a cross or the Star of David. It could also be an important quote, from say the bible. It doesn't necessarily have to be strictly religious either. It might be your horoscope symbol and help provide guidance in your life.

is symbolic of your personality.
Your tattoo represents some part of yourself that you consider important. Perhaps it is a thorny rose to indicate that you are beautiful but feisty. Perhaps it is a bird to represent your free spirit, or a butterfly to represent an important metamorphosis in your life. Whatever it is, a person can tell a lot about you simply by looking at your tattoo.

represents a group you are part of.
Your tattoo indicates a tribal or communal sense of belonging to a group. This sense of belonging can be straightforward, such as having the symbol of the U.S. Marines because you are a Marine, or it can be a little more abstract, such as getting a pink bow to represent you have survived breast cancer. Other possible groups include sports teams, colleges, and more!

was the result of a drunken adventure!
You are wild, adventurous, impetuous, and spontaneous, and your tattoo definitely proves that! Whether you got it on a drunken whim, planned ahead and then had a crazy adventure involving it, or even don't remember getting it, your tattoo proves just how fun (and sometimes reckless) your life can be!

pays homage to a story, movie, book, or song that you love.
Perhaps it's a little Mickey Mouse. Perhaps it is the symbol of Gryffindor. Perhaps it is lyrics from a song you love. Whatever it is, your tattoo pulls from a cultural work that perhaps has changed your life, given you hope, or simply makes you smile.