Which Christmas Tree Are You?

Christmastime is here! Time to decorate the tree! Which one are you? Find out with this fun and Christmassy quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Flocked Tree
You're a sugar-coated white Christmas tree and just as sweet! It doesn't matter what you're decorated with. You'll make everyone smile!

Victorian Tree
You love tradition! Visions of sugarplums probably dance in your head. The Victorian tree glowing with candles and dripping in popcorn, gumdrops, and candy canes is the perfect backdrop for your cozy Christmas.

Retro Tree
Your heart is full of nostalgia for all of the Christmases of your past. You probably have your Christmas movie list all queued up and your car radio tuned to the station that plays carols 24/7! Your eyes are filled with big bulb lights, a bit of tinsel, and a shiny star on top of a tree skirted in presents with bows in traditional holiday colors.

Tinsel Tree
Your love of nighttime is reflected in the multicolored lights shimmering in the sparkle of tinsel. Just like this tree, your spirit is iced in the splendor of the season!

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
You are the most precious of all Christmas trees. You are humble and unassuming, so it takes a second glance to see your splendor, but with a little care, you shine brighter than any other tree on the block!

Designer Tree
You are beribboned, bedecked, on theme, on trend, and in style. You also cost more than all of the presents under the tree! But you're awfully pretty, so it's worth it.