Which Jungle Animal are You?

The jungle is full of animals that lend themselves to personal totems that match our spirits. Which one is yours?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your wild aspect is driven toward nature and solitude. You are fiercely protective of your space and your privacy. Unless of course, it's mating season . . .

You're very sentimental and value friends, fond memories, and family bonds above all else. You're very intelligent too!

You're a cheeky monkey! You love fun, play, rollicking and laughing with friends and family.

You rule the jungle! It's lucky for everyone, then, that you act with wise judgment. You're also affectionate, loving, and place a high value on family and social relationships.

You are versatile and can adapt in any situation. Those are good attributes to have because life is a jungle!

No, you're not a fruit loop. Unless fruit loops are romantic, gregarious, and tons of fun!