Would You Have Been an Abolitionist?

Today, it's easy to say that slavery was wrong, but would you have spoken up when it counted most?

Tags: History

1. Are you an outspoken person?
Yes! I speak with actions. No, I am meek.

3. You are imprisoned for joining a protest. When you get out of prison, will you join another protest?
Of course! Possibly, but it would take some time to shake off the memory of prison. No way. Prison? Twice?!

5. Who would you have been on the Underground Railroad?
A conductor A safe house owner A bounty hunter No one

Here are all the results with descriptions

would have been a mighty abolitionist!
Not only would you have realized that slavery was wrong, you would have poured your heart and soul into doing something about it. Your voice and your daring actions might have helped free dozens of slaves. You might have even been a conductor on the Underground Railroad! Remember, your fiery spirit is still needed today!

would have been a quiet abolitionist.
You have a lot of natural empathy, and you definitely would have seen slavery for what it was: an atrocity. Still, you shy away from confrontation, so you probably wouldn't have been on the front lines of abolition. You would prefer to work quietly, behind the scenes, maybe operating a safe house on the Underground Railroad! Remember, your empathetic spirit is still needed today!

would have been on the fence.
You try to stay out of politics and reserve your energy for the issues that have an immediate effect on you. Unless you came face-to-face with slave brutality, you would probably have been neutral on the topic. Remember, there are still issues in the world today that are on a plane with slavery. You still have time to come down from your fence and fight for good!

would not have been an abolitionist.
You like stability and security, and you are willing to turn a blind eye to some problems if it keeps your world running smoothly. For example, you would prefer to avoid a shake-up like the Civil War at all costs. Slavery, after all, was the backbone of the south's economy, and not all slave owners were evil!