What Kind Of Blog Should You Start?

Thinking of starting a blog? Find out what kind you should write!


Here are all the results with descriptions

Food Blog
You're a true foodie! You know just about all there is to know about both fine cuisine and comfort food, and you love to share that knowledge with others. Most of all, a food blog would allow you to travel and utilize your skills in photography, writing, and of course, eating!

Parenting Blog
Your ideal type of blog would be a parenting blog! You're the mom or dad everyone turns to for advice when their kid throws a temper tantrum or gets bored on a rainy afternoon. You're creative and compassionate, and most of all, you love kids!

Travel Blog
A travel blog would let you follow your passion all around the world! You know that life is too short not to experience everything you possibly can, so you take traveling very seriously. From white sandy beaches to the neon skylines of Tokyo, you love all this world has to offer, and you want to share those experiences with anyone and everyone through a travel blog!

Fashion Blog
You're the quintessential fashionista! You keep up with the latest trends and styles every season of the year, and your wardrobe is always updated accordingly. With a fashion blog, you can help others stay up-to-date with the world of fashion while indulging your own passion in runway shows, red carpets, and street style!

Political Opinion Blog
What's more important than the laws and policies that run our world? You're the type of person who's always up on the latest events and knows every last 'who,' 'what,' 'when,' and 'where' of every policy and controversy. Your passion lies in helping others stay informed about the world around them while indulging your constant need to voice your strong opinions!

Fanfiction Blog
You're a fanatic! You're probably obsessed with one thing in particular--a certain show, movie, or game--and you know more than just about anyone else about that one thing. More than that, you're so knowledgeable about your subject of choice that you love rewriting the story in new and interesting ways. Your ideal blog would be a way for you to indulge your fandom while keeping fellow fans entertained for hours on end.