What Technology Could You Not Live Without?

Answer our 21 questions to find out which technology you can't live without!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Smart Phone
You love to verify facts, settle disputes, and plan ahead of time, so the smart phone has all your needs met. You need to be in frequent contact with those in your life so no one feels left out.

Kindle or E-reader
You're a total bookworm and paperbacks aren't cutting it. You love the ease and accessibility of reading on the go with e-readers, and always try to take advantage of a few solid minutes to read.

MP3 Player
Music is life and love for you, and you try to incorporate it into everything you do. You would be totally lost if you had to commute or fall asleep without music. When you meet new people you like to talk about music first thing.

Flatscreen TV
You're domestic and love to nest. A good night for you involves cozy comforts and pajamas at home. You love the calm and simple mood that comes from watching a great movie at home on a weekend.

You are easy to please and don't need much to feel at home in a place. The simple technology of a watch keeps you grounded wherever you are, and you never feel far away from loved ones when they are in your thoughts.

Car cell phone charger
You're super busy and often on the go, that's why you need adaptable technology that will make your life easier. The car-charger supports you when you have unexpectedly long days with friends or at work, and makes your life that much better by keeping you in touch in a pinch.