Are You Comfortable In Command?

Take our quiz and discover how you act when you are placed in command!

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A Tyrannical Monster!
The euphoria of being in control tends to go to your head, and you go kinda power crazy! 'Do it my way or else' is not necessarily the best way to lead, so next time someone asks you to take charge, consider who you are working with and the task in hand before laying down the rules and riding roughshod over everyone else's opinions.

A Mother Hen
You cluck over your little chicklets, making sure they are safe and happy as you tend to their needs. This makes you a very popular leader, and you are generally successful overseeing projects or taking command of the kids for the day. Even if the task itself ends in disaster, with you in charge, everyone will at least have had a good time! The only complaint your employees might have is their lack of freedom or ability to work independently.

A Wise Egalitarian
Team building and working by consensus are your strengths, and those under you praise your openness and willingness to listen to all suggestions. Once you have gathered everyone's input, you will make a considered and generally popular decision on how to move forward. The only flaw in your method is your inability to make a fast decision with incomplete information, and when emergency strikes, you generally hand command to someone with a more authoritarian style.

Wild and Loose!
Rules? Who needs rules? You fly by the seat of your pants, and when you're in charge, you invite everyone else to come along for the ride! While your style might be too crazy and unorthodox for some people, you're fine with those who want to stay on the ground and take care of the nitty-gritty, boring details. In fact, you're fine with whatever those under you want to do, and you trust them to know what they need to do--and do it--as you soar with your head in the clouds!

A Time-Management Mastermind
Productivity and 'ease of workflow' are your buzzwords, as you review and reorganize established routines. Shaking up 'how it's always been done' might make you unpopular at first, but only until those under your command see the results of your changes. Leave you in control for any length of time and you'll work miracles, transforming the inefficient into the dynamic!

A Managerial Magician
A virtuoso leader, you inspire and empower as you guide your team toward a new way of thinking. Your seemingly magical touch encourages innovation and motivates those under you to bring your vivid visions to life. Of course, not everyone can keep up with the high levels of dedication and focused passion that you expect from those you oversee, and you may have turnover due to burnout. But as Harry S. Truman would say, 'If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen!'