Do You Follow Your Head, Your Heart, Or Your Gut?

Sometimes you might feel pulled in different directions, but only one direction can win! Which will it be?

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Your Head
You are more than just a deep thinker. You are a committed thinker. You believe that logic is the best way to solve any problem, and you try your best to reason through difficult situations, even when your emotions are screaming at you to act fast. True, your decision-making process can be a little on the slow side, but you rarely regret your decisions!

Your Heart
You are a deep-feeling person, and you just can't bring yourself to go against your emotions, even when they don't 'make sense.' It would be like lying to the world! Some people might think you are indulgent or self-centered, but that couldn't be farther from the case. You are deeply empathetic, not to mention highly sensitive to guilt. You follow your heart, but it rarely leads you into dark or destructive places!

Your Gut
You are a rare breed: an extremely instinctual person, brave enough to act on instinct! You have an almost physical sense of right and wrong, and you often know in a flash what you should do. Trying to rationalize your 'sixth sense' only gets you muddled and cripples your ability to make decisions. Besides, your gut instincts have rarely led you astray!