What Is Your Spanish Senorita Name?

What would your name be if you lived in Latin America or Spain? Find out now!

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Your name is Maria, the classic, most traditional name for women in Latin America. As Maria, you are strong, capable, loving, and kind, and aren't afraid of standing up for yourself. As a student, you were probably always one of your teacher's favorites, and as an adult, you strive to be a perfect model of perfection for your family in every way you can.

Your name is Rosario, a beautiful name for women in Latin America. The name refers to the rosary beads in the Catholic religion. As Rosario, you are beautiful, soft, and feminine, and people tend to think of you in those terms. Little do they know that behind that gorgeous face and soft-spoken, ladylike demeanor is a strong, intense, and driven individual who will mow you down if you get in her way.

You are Viviana! Viviana is a beautiful name in Latin America, meaning 'lively.' Well, to be honest, it's more 'alive' than 'lively'; however, Vivianas are always so vivacious, fun, and exciting that 'lively' makes more sense. You don't just live your life; you're like a firecracker, lighting up your world and everyone else who's lucky enough to be in it!

You are Renata. The name itself means 'rebirth,' which refers to the creation of a new self and being. As Renata, you are extremely responsible and intelligent. You are a logical and quick thinker, and are always quick to enlighten anyone with your knowledge if they ask. You love libraries, the Internet, like-minded people, and long, intellectual conversations on lazy Sunday mornings, over coffee in trendy cafes.

You are Carmen. As Carmen, you are free-spirited, sexy, daring, and carefree. You love adventure, exploring new countries, staying out all night, dancing with friends, and racking up new experiences to document on your Instagram. You don't particularly like being alone, but the good thing is that finding people to surround you with their energy is never difficult for you.

You are Lucia, a name that refers to the light of a morning sunrise--and used to be given to babies who were born as daylight was breaking. As Lucia, you are a radiant, lovely person with an extraordinary sense of compassion. You are always looking on the bright side of things and have an unfailing sense of optimism that allows you to channel positive experiences and success after success in life.