What Scent Is Your Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The warm and earthy profile of woody scents are perfect for nature lovers. You are a true outdoors man or woman - you enjoy going on long hikes or jogs and stepping outside to get a breath of fresh air. You have an explorer's spirit, and you are always the most adventurous one in your friend group!

The floral scent is feminie, romantic, and traditional, and so are you. You are a classic beauty. You don't need any extra frills or fancy things to make you happy. You enjoy the simple things in life, and you are very down-to-earth and humble.

The exotic and spicy Oriental scent profile matches your personality because our are unique and bold. You love keeping people guessing, doing the impossible, and making a statement. You are a free-spirit and your mysterious vibe attracts many people your way!

The fresh and sweet-smelling fruity scent profile matches your personality best. You are very caring and very sweet. You care deeply about others and you have a heart of gold.