Which Hippie Festival Should You Attend?

Do you want to groove, connect with oneness, or just have a good time? The hippie fest for you is revealed in this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Desert Hearts--Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, CA
Featuring West Coast House and techno music, a melange of bright colors, and expressive fashion, this festival claims to be much more than 'just a party.' Their goal is to create one vibe through one music on one stage. Also, they are 'a family and a movement of love.' Be prepared for radical self-expression and radical self-reliance, founded in part in the Burning Man concept. They encourage you to 'follow your desert heart.'

Serenity Gathering--California
If you want a full-spectrum art experience, from flow to physical, this festival has your vibe. It's also full-on hippie, put on by Merry Pranksters Productions. The music is abundant, with sometimes as many as 50 artists/bands in the lineup. It is an immersive festival geared toward getting you involved not only in seeing art but experiencing it through workshops. The festival encourages self-expression and a cleaner, healthier, more-organic existence.

Lucidity Festival--Live Oak Campground; Santa Ynez, CA
This festival will definitely feed your head. It's all about taking the lucid-dream concept and applying it to wakefulness, so you come to the realization that, while we each have our own stories, we are all yet one. The sound is mostly in the genre of bass music. Each year is a chapter. The year 2017's is Eudaimonia, which means 'human flourishing.' Their website says, 'Together as one tribe, one nation, one family, one community, one humanity, one universe, one consciousness, we shift to the light and live in love forever.'

LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival)--Black Mountain, NC
A beautiful mountain setting on the shores of a sparkling lake--who could ask for more? The campgrounds are clean; the vibe is family friendly. This festival has been running for decades, and supporters, organizers, and attendees succeed each year in making the world a better place. Artists, performers, musicians, and speakers from around the globe come to LEAF to spread awareness and love. Proceeds from the festival support 55,000 North Carolina students and cultural preservation in 10 countries worldwide. Acts from numerous backgrounds include folk, bluegrass, and music from all over the world.

Spring Emergence Experience--Bloomingdale, MI
This exclusive festival only sells 500 tickets, so get on it! It's three 'days of light' in a beautiful campground setting that welcomes children of all ages, including you. The vibe is summer-campy with a large dose of hippie higher-consciousness thrown in. There are fairies in the woods, that big parachute you loved to play with in 3rd grade P.E., sharing, teaching, dance, and laughter. Video and pics of the event honestly look like the ones taken at Hippie Hill during the Summer of Love in the '60s. You'll dig it.

Project Earth--Geneva, MN
If you're into giving back, 100 percent of the proceeds of this festival go to international relief charities. It's also good for those who enjoy a mellow vibe. This is not a nonstop, full-on, dance-till-you-drop party. Their website says, 'Project Earth has a different mission. To slow it all down and open space ... the intimate setting in the forest is just the right medicine for the Tribal convergence. The Planet and all life on her need conscious people now more than ever! We are the ones we have been waiting for.' Music this year is a spontaneous jam session among the family's favorite troubadours.