Would You Survive The End Of The World?

Have you ever considered what you would do if the world was coming to an end? Do you think that you would survive? Find out with this fun and easy quiz!

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Not Survive the End of the World
Holy smokes you should be scared for yourself. There is no way that you would ever survive the end of the world based off of these answers. You need to learn some survival skills, even if it's just for fun! Give yourself a fighting chance at least.

Not Likely Survive the End of the World
You might have picked up a few survival skills here and there, but you aren't going to be able to make it on your own if the world comes to an end. Make sure you always surround yourself with people you trust can get you through. You never know.

Maybe Survive the End of the World
There's a chance that you might survive the end of the world, you just better hope that you link up with the right people. You have some skills, but you don't have them all. As long as you can pick people that have what you're lacking, you'll be just fine.

Most Likely Survive the End of the World
We're happy to tell you that you would most likely survive the end of the world. You have most of the traits you need, and when put under some real pressure we're guessing the rest of them will come out in you reasonably quickly. You should be okay, no matter what.

Probably Survive the End of the World
It's like you've been prepping for the end of the world for your entire life. You have just about every trait and skill necessary to make it through the harshest conditions. No matter what happens, we can bet you're going to come out on top!

Absolutely Survive the End of the World
You have what it takes to make it through just about anything. If we didn't know any better, you were probably on one of those survival shows on television already, weren't you? If you weren't, you should sign up, because you'd probably win!