How Scene Are You?

Is the scene dead? You tell us. Take this quiz and find out how scene you are.

Tags: Scene, Style

Here are all the results with descriptions

0 Percent Scene
Why did you even take this quiz, you friggin' poser?

10 Percent Scene
You either never embraced the scene or did--once upon a time--but have since let it die peacefully. Sometimes you still put eyeliner on in the mirror late at night when no one is looking, just so you can remember what it used to feel like, but for the most part, you've ditched it.

30 Percent Scene
You happen to like ONE band that happens to be screamo, and now everyone is on your case about being 'scene.' Except that one band doesn't actually make you scene enough, so you don't have to worry about teasing your hair out anytime soon. Just maybe don't talk about your music tastes too loud, unless you wanna be called a poser.

66.6 Percent Scene
You get pretty hard into the scene, but something's holding you back. What is it? Are the songs too heavy? Are the singers too whiny? Or are you too lazy to keep up with all the fashion rules? (On Wednesdays, we wear black!) Whatever it is, you need to commit or get out of the way. There's absolutely no room for lollygagging at the show.

80 Percent Scene
There's a small piece of you that's committed to the real world. You know not everyone can make it as a rock star or even a groupie. But just because you have a 'real job' doesn't mean you can't be at the show on Friday night! Maybe you're not in the pit, but you'll post up on the balcony, sloshing your drink around and screaming your head off.

99 Percent Scene
Black hair dye NEVER goes out of style.