Is Your Dog Smarter Than You?

Could your dog be smarter than you? Take this quiz and find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Not at All!
You are the dog whisperer. You understand the secret language of the dog and pick up on even the slightest ear twitch. If something isn't working for you and your pup, you immediately study up on how to improve the behavior. Your dog looks up to you as the pack leader, and you give them one happy life in return.

You are most likely to own or adopt from a senior dog sanctuary, because you know that even those who can't take care of themselves still deserve to be spoiled! You have infinite patience, which makes you the perfect parent for a dog, and you just love to take care of things that are soft and snuggly.

They're Mr. Peabody, and you are Sherman. Without a doubt, your dog uses you as the butt of their jokes and their social experiments. Do you get up every time they bark? Do you let them sniff every single blade of grass? Yep, they've got you trained. It's okay though. You got a pet so you could spoil it, right? Waiting on them hand and foot is no problem for you then.

Sure, Whatever
You don't really care who's the smarter species. It's not about being smart. It's about being comfortable. You're looking for a dog to chill with, a pup that's low-key and lazy just like you. You and your dog will be napping on the couch, watching reruns while everyone else is at training school.

You Two Were Made for Each Other!
You found your soul mate in your pup. You match each other's wits perfectly, and it's almost like you can read one another's minds. You always know when they've gotta pee, and they always knows how to break the ice when you're making new friends.

No Way
You're smarter than most human beings, so obviously you're smarter than anything on four legs. Even man's best friend can't match wits with you. You're an intellectual. You like a good book over chasing anything.