What Should I Do For My Birthday?

It's time to celebrate! Except, maybe you're at a loss for what to do. Take this quiz to decide which fun way you should celebrate another year passed.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Go On a Trip!
Get out of town! Another year should mean another experience, take a trip and see what adventure is in store for you. You deserve to celebrate your pioneering and spontaneous spirit with a truly unique escape. Whether your trip is big or small, just remember to stop for a quick slice of cake!

Have a Party!
You love being the center of attention and more importantly, you love having all of your closet friends in one spot. To you birthdays mean parties! They are the ultimate cause for celebration, laughter, and cheer. Live it up and happy birthday!

Try Something New
Every year you say you'll try something new, this is the year to actually do it! Whether you take a class, take up a new job, or adopt a pet liven up your life with not only one day of fun but a whole year of it! The sky's the limit birthday champ.

Have a Laid-back Night with Friends
You've never been big on birthdays with all the balloons, sugar, and noise. Instead, do what you really love and spend time with your nearest and dearest. Keep your birthday low-key to avoid stress and drama, just how you like it.

Go to a Show
It's time to take in the sights and enjoy your passion! Whether this is music, theater, or magic- it doesn't matter. Book yourself a couple of tickets and enjoy one of your favorite pastimes. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself on your birthday.

Have a Decadent Dinner
Happy Birthday! You deserve to be treated like royalty and more importantly to dine like royalty. Food has always been a major part of your celebrations, so this year make it the center of your celebration. Enjoy the new restaurant you've been eyeing or have an extravagant meal at home, no matter what, you're off dishes duty.