Which Fairy-Tale Villain Are You?

When you get super sassy, do you resemble an evil queen or a dastardly wolf? This quiz is the mirror that will tell you!

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're greedy, but you also believe in the fair exchange of goods and services. You ALWAYS keep up your end of the bargain. Integrity is important to you, after all. So, when someone doesn't fulfill their promises, you get REALLY mad and, like Rumpelstiltskin did literally, you fly off the handle.

The Big Bad Wolf
You're an opportunist! Whether you're in the dale, bothering pigs; in the forest, trying to steal a girl's food basket; or up on the hills, scaring little boys, you're always at the game, trying to get your 'hustle on.' Shame, shame.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin
You're the ultimate distractor, that person who easily lures people away from what they're supposed to be doing and into mischief--well, maybe not always mischief, but certainly fun, laughter, or frolic. That doesn't sound so bad, at least not until you're all grasshoppers begging ants for spare change for gas and a cheeseburger.

Snow White's Stepmother
Like the Evil Queen, you've got some problems with vanity and jealousy, and you HATE being one-upped! Just when you accomplish some great thing, your rival always steps out from behind and upstages you. It's maddening.

Cinderella's Stepmother
You just can't STAND goody-goodies! There's nothing that gets on your nerves worse than someone who gets credit just for being pleasant. Not everyone's worth should be bundled up in whether or not they're nicey-nice to people. You believe that your intelligence and talents should be much greater hallmarks of worthiness than a winning smile.

The Witch from Hansel and Gretel
You've got a lot of things going for you. You're a terrific baker, a fantastic architect, and a wonderful gardener. These things take a lot of work to accomplish! You're often left tired and hungry. So, who's to say that your vendetta against brats isn't justified? Today's kids just don't have enough respect for beauty and accomplishment!