Who Will You Marry?

Have you ever wondered what type of man you'll end up with? Take this short quiz to find out!


Here are all the results with descriptions

Your Best Friend
Your future husband will be the type to take care of you and buy you his favorite jersey to wear on game day. He is most likely to love his favorite sports team almost as much as his poker night with the guys. He'll dote on you plenty in private, but might be a bit shy about public displays of affection. You guys will have the most fun heading out to your favorite bar with friends.

The Sensitive Guy
Your future husband will always be there with an empathetic ear, and you know he'll be honest with you about what he's thinking and feeling. Way more in touch with his emotions than the average guy, he doesn't play games with your heart-he's respectful, thoughtful, and always has the best of intentions when it comes to you.

The Successful Guy
Your future husband will be busy and successful, just like you. The two of you will fill up every moment of every day with jobs, family, friends, and other obligations, and somehow still make time to have a fulfilling relationship. You'll enjoy your hectic lives and making your way through it together.

The Passionate Man
Anyone who says romance is dead has never met your future husband. He will be one to face life with vigor and purpose, including his relationship with you. You will never feel unwanted or under-appreciated with him by your side.

The Independent Guy
Your future husband will be one to have his own life and his own friends, because that's what you want too. You believe that people need more than what one person can give them, so you aim to preserve your social life outside of your relationship. But when you and he are together, you will enjoy every moment.

The Unconditional Lover
Your future husband will be the type that no matter what the circumstances, you know he has your back. He will be trustworthy, supportive, and make you feel great about yourself. Your friends will love him, your family will love him, and you won't be able to imagine anyone in the world you'd be better suited for.