What Type Of Documentary Should You Watch?

What type of documentary should you watch?

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A Biography about a Little-Known Artist
The last two centuries have been an exciting time in the art world, with modern, postmodern, and New Renaissance art. Unless you studied art history, there are probably dozens of artists whose work you're not acquainted with yet. Odds are that, even though most are probably deceased, many of their works are still available as posters or reproductions.

An Expose on an Environmental Issue
Whether you're interested in animal rights, sustainability, global warming, or the planet in general, there are a great number of documentaries that go in-depth on what the mainstream media only briefly touches on.

A Hypothetical Documentary about a Disaster
Whether natural or man-made, do you know what it would take to survive a disaster? From hypothetical zombie scenarios to more realistic EMP attacks and major earthquakes, these documentaries will have you stocking up on canned goods in no time!

A Conspiracy-Theory Documentary
Did aliens build the pyramid? Have dozens of U.S. presidents really been aliens? Probably not, but there's no harm in checking out the far-fetched. Just don't forget to watch with your tin-foil hat on!