What Manly Hobby Should You Pick Up?

Wondering what manly hobby to pick up? Take this easy quiz and find out!

Tags: Hobby, Leisure

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're kind of a jock! You love sports and staying active. You eat plenty of protein and can withstand quite a bit of time running and tackling people. It's a no-brainer: you should pick up football! Call a few of your buddies and form a weekend team. Maybe throw the football around in your backyard with a neighbor or learn the ins and outs of the game!

You work well with your hands in a solo environment, where you can concentrate on whatever you're making at the time. It's no wonder woodworking is for you! You know how to measure things properly and are known for being quite creative. Try making a simple jewelry box for starters and move up to the big stuff!

You've got great aim and a general understanding of 'duck behind cover!' You can also take quite the beating without being overly concerned about any bruises. Obviously, you would love paintball! It's fun with just the right amount of danger thrown in. Pretty sure there's versions where the paintball doesn't hurt too...hmm...

You're all about being alone and quiet. You love nature and also hanging out with buddies. Most importantly, you're not squeamish. You believe in the pride of eating something you shot, so it's no wonder you should take up hunting. It's not for everyone, but you already have a head start on the camo, don't you?

Car Restoration
You love knowing things, researching, and figuring out how things work. Whenever something is in motion, you're the one who asks 'how?' Car restoration is for you! It involves a lot of know-how, and time, but that's the fun part--knowing how things work, where to connect what, and when to replace parts.