What Kind Of Pet Parent Are You Actually?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Diva Pet Parent
You're the diva pet parent! Your fur baby is your world and you want everyone to know it. Not only can your precious pet often be found in a designer sweater or rocking a rhinestone harness, but you're not afraid to pamper your four legged friend as if it were an actual child. You love your pet like no one else!

The Outdoorsy Pet Parent
You're the outdoorsy pet parent! You love your [et more than just about anything else, but you're never overly precious or doting. You're an outdoorsy person who loves to take your pet on epic adventures. Whether you're hiking, camping, or biking, your pet is always along for the ride!

The Frazzled Pet Parent
You're the frazzled pet parent! You're the pet parent who may have taken on a few too many fur babies at once. While you love your furry brood more than anything, you'll be the first to admit that sometimes your house is a little chaotic. Not only are you always trying to train and tame your brood, but you secretly enjoy the chaos that accompanies the proces.s

The Perfect Pet Parent
You're the perfect pet parent! You're the pet parent that other pet parents love to hate. Why? You seem to make owning a fur baby look so effortless. Not only is your pet always well behaved and affectionate, but it's always well groomed and ready for anything. Everyone wants to know your pet parenting secrets!

The Active Pet Parent
You're the active pet parent! You and your pet are almost always on the go. Whether you're hitting a park, going for a drive, or simply walking around the neighborhood, you don't have time to sit around and dawdle. You and your pet are an active pair who love to meet life head on.