What Do People First Notice About You?

Have you ever wondered what makes other people like you--or dislike you? Maybe it's all in the first impression!

Tags: Charm, Opinion

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Sensitive and expressive, your eyes are always brimming with emotion. As the old saying goes, 'Eyes are the window to the soul,' and people can't help but be mesmerized when they catch a glimpse of your dynamic soul!

Warm and confident, your smile says it all! You welcome other people into your life, and you are always willing to lend a helping hand where you can. Your smile tells people that they can count on you, and who can resist that?

Creative and rebellious, you can rock any hairstyle that you want--and you've tried tons of them! When people see your latest do, they'll know that you're not one to waste away, hiding behind norms and fearing judgment. Some people might be put off by your rebel look, but others will be drawn to your ability to be yourself.

Calm and intelligent, your voice is music to other people's ears. You speak softly and draw from a rich vocabulary and, more importantly, a well of private insight. When people hear your voice, they know they've found someone who can understand their problems and give them good advice.

Fun-loving and carefree, you keep your fingernails painted at all times. You think it's smart to have your happy colors on hand at all times. If you get bored, just looking at your colorful nails can perk you up again--and although you might not have thought about it, your nails lighten other people's moods too. Who can be grumpy with a girl who has sherbet-colored nails?