Where Will Your Spirit Guide Take You?

Take this quiz and find out where your spirit guide will take you on your next spirit quest!

Tags: Spirit, Guide, Psyche

Here are all the results with descriptions

Deep into the Forest
You need to reconnect with your roots. You're easily distracted, and now you've wandered too far from who you are. Your spirit guide lets you loose in the woods just so you can find yourself.

Deep into the Ocean
You're on a quest for self-discovery. You've been avoiding all the things you don't like about yourself, and now your spirit guide is here to send you deep into your subconscious. It's time to face your ugliness and embrace it!

Back into the Past
You're being haunted by a question from the past. Your ancestors hold the answers, and as your spirit guides, they'll take you back into your collective, familial past to help you find them. Be prepared, because it may not be the answer you are looking for.

To the Heavens
You're in the process of overcoming some serious trauma, and in order to work through it, you need to stay hopeful. That's why your spirit guides are filling you with light and sending you to the heavens. It's going to give you a bright, new perspective that will help you break through and out of the dark.

To the Highest Peak
You've already transcended, more or less. Your third eye has opened, but now you're out looking for the big answers. Your spirit guides take you to the highest peak, so they can share all their knowledge with you. If you pay close enough attention to their clues, you might just uncover the meaning of life.

To an Alien City
You're a gypsy at heart. Luckily, your spirit guide is also a wanderer. They'll take you to their favorite alien city just to give you a tour. You love learning new things and exploring the unknown, and this will be your best chance at taking a tour beyond your normal level of consciousness.