Where In California Should You Live?

Love California? Ever wanted to live there? Take our quiz to see where in CA you should live!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Northern California
You love the outdoors, cold weather, and gorgeous scenery. People consider you the 'outdoorsy' type, because you love to spend time hiking, fishing, camping, and exploring nature. You like small towns, friendly people, eating healthy, and spending time with family.

The Bay Area
You should live in California's exciting Bay Area! Chances are, you work in tech or dream of working for a company like Apple or Google someday. You love San Francisco, art, and culture, and tend to be more culturally aware and refined than most people. You applaud things like diversity, liberalism, and intellectualism.

The Central Coast
You should live in California's Central Coast area! San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Pismo Beach, and Ventura--all are gorgeous cities on the beautiful California coast that you would feel happy living in. What isn't there to love about the gorgeous sunny weather; friendly, athletic people; and relatively close proximity to LA and San Francisco!

Orange County
You should live in Orange County! You love art, luxury items, expensive vacations, and designer clothing. You can sometimes be a bit too focused on things like fashion, money, and keeping up with the Joneses--but let's face it, you were born to have the best things in life, and your lifestyle just reflects that!

Los Angeles
You should live in LA! You are a fast-moving, exciting person who has big dreams and lofty goals. You have a ton of amazing friends and tend to meet interesting people wherever you go. You love exploring new restaurants, bars, shopping plazas, festivals, concerts, and pretty much any place else where people gather.

San Diego
You should live in San Diego! You are carefree, easygoing, and kind. You love spending time on the beach, eating clean, and generally enjoying life. You will love San Diego, with its fresh food, beautiful scenery, and endless array of fun things to do with the family.