What Type Of Tea Are You?

What are you drinking at tea time? Take this quiz and we'll tell you.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A good cup of strong black tea is right up your alley. Milk and two sugars? We thought so! Like the ubiquitous drink of England, you're a reliable and practical person with a knack for calming troubled situations and solving problems.

Refined and Nuanced Green Tea
The most elegant and cultured of teas, you are the carefully prepared tea of a Japanese ceremony. Like a fine, green loose-leaf, you have shades within your character and can be dark and sultry or fresh and light as the mood takes you.

Harmonious White Tea
The most delicate and pure of all teas, white tea is naturally dried and minimally processed. You are a sensitive and intuitive person who strives to live in harmony with nature, but like white tea, you require careful attention and tending or you might turn bitter!

Naturally Perfect Rooibos Tea
Naturally sweet and with no caffeine, this family-favorite tea is healthy and great tasting. Like rooibos tea, you are popular and upbeat, a friendly and outgoing person who enjoys an active social life.

Flexible Oolong Tea
More mature than green tea but less common than black, oolong is a unique tea that has the widest range of flavors and aromas in the tea world. Like oolong, you have a chameleon personality that allows you to fit in among some of the most diverse groups.

Exotic Pu-erh Tea
The weirdest of all teas, highly prized pu-erh is the only tea that can be purchased as an investment. Aged for hundreds--sometimes thousands--of years, a great pu-erh is comparable to some of the finest wines in value. As a match for pu-erh tea, you are a connoisseur of fine things and have a shrewd financial mind.