How Datable Are You?

Wondering if you're datable? Stop wondering and take this quiz! It will help give you an answer, finally.

Tags: Date, Personality, Relationship

Here are all the results with descriptions

100 Percent Datable
You got the moves! You know when to talk, what to talk about, what not to do, and when to do the things you should do. You have mastered the art of going at a comfortable pace and not scaring anyone off. Furthermore, you know when to get serious and when to walk away. Good for you!

75 Percent Datable
You're getting there! You're very datable, just not the most datable person out there. There are things you could work on. Maybe you're not as confident as you could be. Maybe you are confident but socially awkward. Whatever it is, it's holding you back!

50 Percent Datable
You have some work to do. You're not the worst, but you're a far cry from the most datable people out there. The good news is that there is promise there, and you can totally turn this around!

25 Percent Datable
You need a complete overhaul. You need to take some time away from trying to date, and date yourself for a while. How do you look, and do you like how you look? How about some hobbies that make you happy? Does anything about yourself bother you, things that you could improve on? Focus on positive changes and self-love. Everything else will follow.