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Under 50 Percent--You Are Non-Scientific.
You're more of an artist than a scientist, and while it's not impossible to be both, it is pretty unusual. So don't sweat your score; we bet you can write, paint, draw, or sing better than either Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking!

60 Percent--You Are an Enthusiastic Novice.
Science can be very complicated, and this was a tough quiz, so your result is totally respectable. Science is about exploration and discovery, so not knowing all the answers just means that you are a novice scientist who loves all things scientific but is still having some trouble understanding them.

75 Percent--You Are an Amateur Tinkerer.
You're not up there with Einstein and Newton, but you still achieved a very respectable score. While not a professional scientist, we bet that you love science and are an experimental hobbyist who watches documentaries, reads the latest theories, and maybe even tries a test or two yourself in the backyard!

80 Percent--You Are at the Level of a Science Undergrad.
Your scientific knowledge is at the level of an American science undergraduate. Your answers demonstrated that you have a comprehensive understanding of science across the disciplines, and you scored in the top 20 percent of all quiz takers.

90 Percent--You Are at the Level of a PhD Candidate.
You have a scientific understanding equal to a PhD candidate in the sciences, with comprehensive understanding of all scientific disciplines and even some of the more obscure theories. Congratulations! You have scored in the top 10 percent of all quiz takers, which is an outstanding achievement.

100 Percent--You Are a Science Genius.
Move over, Einstein, there's a new kid on the science-genius block: YOU! You beat 99 percent of the other people who took this quiz, and you have gained the top score. Amazing! This quiz had some hard questions, so getting 100 percent was pretty tough. Congratulations!