Would Robin Hood Welcome You Into His Gang?

Have you dreamed of living in Sherwood Forest? You'll have to get Robin's nod of approval first!

Tags: Legend, Folklor

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Fit Right In!
Robin Hood would be lucky to have you in his gang! With your forest survival skills, you could help do all the chores and protect the camp. And your bright, free spirit would keep the others in a great mood too!

Get the Hang of It!
Robin might have to invest some time in training you, but you'd get the hang of forest life eventually! You don't have all the survival skills you need--but those things can be learned. A cheerfulness and willingness to fight for what's right can't be learned. Luckily, you already have both, and that's what makes you worthy of the Merry Men!

Flounder Around
You're not exactly well suited for a rugged lifestyle. Living off acorns and mushrooms? That's not your idea of a good time. Maybe you would be better suited to help Robin Hood from the outside. Remember, he needs spies to keep an eye on the city too!

Get Rejected
Sorry, you're not exactly Robin Hood material. Robin is looking for people who can live with few resources, risk their lives for no return, and keep their spirits up all the while! You would quickly get grumpy if you had to live like the Merry Men do. Not only would that be annoying, but it would make you a liability. Grumpy men are more likely to turn into traitors!