Where Should You Not Go Based On Your Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

New York City
You prefer to keep to yourself for the most part so you wouldn't do well in a city teeming with people. You like to visit place where you can keep a bit of seclusion while admiring the scenery.

You're a social butterfly and you need to be surrounded by people constantly. You like visiting multiple places and seeing what each place has to offer. You wouldn't do well in a place surrounded by nature.

You want a more classic and organized trip. You're not really a spontaneous person and you want to know what you'll be doing when and where. You'd love a traditional type of trip such as trying a wine tour in Italy.

Tuscany, Italy
You want a place where you can relaxed and not feel stressed about current plans. You want retreat from your current life and you'd do better in a place where you can pamper yourself such as Marrakech in Morocco.

Paris, France
You don't want a trip that's generic but rather a creative and adventurous trip. You want to explore and learn about new culture in a place hardly anyone visits.