How Bored Are You?

Sometimes we are just bored for the moment. Sometimes we are completely bored with our lives. How bored are you?

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Not Bored At All!
Your life is full of fun and interesting people, places, and projects. Maybe you are just lucky, or more likely, you are just an energetic person with a great imagination, and you don't get bored because you don't let yourself. Either way, good for you. Keep on enjoying every minute of your life!

Just Bored for the Moment!
You may not be too entertained right now, but it won't be long before something comes along to pique your interest. You are usually great at solving the issue of nothing to do, and honestly, being a little bored can be kind of nice as long as it doesn't last too long. Enjoy the downtime. Things will pick up soon.

Ready for a Small Change
Maybe you need to redecorate your house, change up your wardrobe, or challenge yourself with a new workout routine. Whatever it is, you don't need anything drastic. You just need a small change to perk things up a little. Maybe watch a few shows on DIY and HGTV to see if anything inspires you, or ask a few friends to try some new challenge with you. This is an easy problem to solve!

Ready to Change Up a Few Things
You are really starting to get bored. Your job is not challenging; your friends are uninteresting; and your love life is stale. You need to take control of things and start changing stuff before you are so bored that only drastic changes will help.

Ready for a Drastic Change in Your Life
Maybe brush up that resume, start looking at real estate, or join a few new clubs or groups. You need some drastic changes in your life. A new job, a new home, and new friends are all in order. It might even be time for a new romantic relationship (or two)!

Bored Beyond Repair
Your boredom seems to run so deep that I am not sure what will snap you out of it. Life in general has seemed to lose all hope of being interesting. You need to take time to re-evaluate what you want out of life and start looking into how to get it--or things will not get better anytime soon.