What’s Your 1920’s Job?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Silent Film Actor
Your 1920s job is silent film actor! No one can convey emotion without speaking quite as well as you. With an expressive face, dashing good looks, and boundless style, you would have lit up the big screen like a Christmas tree!

Your 1920s jobs is dressmaker! With an eye for trends and boundless amounts of talent, you would have been a successful dressmaker. Perhaps you would have even dressed some of the silent film stars of the era! You're an imaginative and innovative individual, your success would have known no bounds.

Banker For Morgan Bank
Your 1920s job would have been banker for Morgan Bank! You've always had a mind for business and finance. In the 1920s, you would have put your talents to good use as a lead banker at one of the decades finest institutions. You would have loved putting on a suit and heading to work each morning with a goal in mind!

Ford Factory Worker
Your 1920s job is a Ford Factory Worker! You've always been fascinated by mechanics and figuring out how things work. As a factory worker, you would have been up close and personal with the machines you find so fascinating. You're a loyal and dedicated individual who quickly would have risen up the ranks.

Traveling Salesperson
Your 1920s job is a traveling salesperson! Sure, it might not be the most glamorous gig in the world, but these sales people often made big bucks. With your charm and class, you'd be selling items faster than the manufacturer could have made them. You would have put your stellar personality to good use!