Are You Experienced?

There are so many different types of experiences to have, so what equals being experienced? Find out with this quiz!

Tags: Life, Skills

1. Do you like to travel?

Yes Not really

2. Do you always put your family above all else?

Yes Not really

3. Do you keep a weekend bag ready for unexpected road trips?

Yes Not really

4. Do you think sex is something we should not talk about?

Yes Not really

5. Do you like to have large family gatherings during the holidays?

Yes Not really

6. Are you able to put your kids before your work most of the time?

Yes Not really I don't have kids. ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Very Experienced
You just don't seem to have very many experiences yet. There is a big world out there full of new things to try. It is fun to break out of our shells every once in a while. Give it a try, and you will be experienced in many ways in no time at all!

Experienced with Family
You may not have traveled the world, but you have a big family and lots of experience with taking care of children, hosting family events, and spending quality time with those you love the most. All of those experiences really matter, and you should be proud of the way you have spent your time up till now. Now consider trying some new things out on your own!

Experienced with Work
You have gained a lot of wonderful experiences when it comes to your work. You take time to go to conferences, ask to be on new projects, and love to fill in for others when they are gone. You now need to take that passion for trying new things out to other areas of your life, like travel and exercise!

Experienced with Love
If someone asks you out while you are single, you almost always say yes. You believe in the old saying, 'You never know until you try!' You have had your heart broken a time or two, and you have broken a few hearts yourself. You have had one-night stands and long-term relationships. You are very experienced when it comes to love!

Experienced with Travel
You believe vacation time is for traveling. You have traveled to many places, and you plan to go to many more. When your friends or family ask you to take a trip, your automatic answer is yes even if it isn't a place you have been dying to go. You know that memories can be made any place on this planet, and you are excited to get to as many of those places as possible. You are a very experienced traveler!

Very Experienced!
Love, work, travel, family, friends--you have experience with all of it. You are great at breaking out of your shell, trying new things, and saying yes to life in general. You have taken on new jobs with a smile, enjoyed having family and friends around, thrown your heart into relationships even when you knew they probably wouldn't work out, and traveled every chance you could. You are a very experienced person!