How Far Would You Go For A Million Dollars?

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You'd Do Anything For A Million Dollars
At the end of the day, you'd do absolutely anything to gain a million dollars. You'd eat strange items, give up your dignity, and even potentially lose a finger or two. All in the name of wealth and ease.

You'd Give Up Your Prized Possession
For a million dollars, you would give up your prized possession. The most meaningful thing in the world to you. Whether this is a person or a thing, you'd be willing to toss it aside for the sake of a million dollars.

You'd Do Just About Anything
You would do just about anything for a million dollars! While you would never sacrifice your friends or family, you would certainly sacrifice your own dignity and self respect. You'd eat anything, try anything, and give anything to have a million dollars.

You Have Your Limits
When it comes to having a million dollars, there a few things you would do, and a lot of things you wouldn't do. At the end of the day, you have your limits as to how far you'd go for a million bucks.

You Wouldn't Do Anything
You truly believe that money does not equal happiness, which means there's not much you're willing to do or give up in order to gain money. In your opinion, there are more valuable things in life than being rich!