When And Where Should You Go In Your Time Machine?

When and where should you choose to go if you get to have one trip in a time machine. Take this quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Woodstock, 1970
As a modern-day, tree-hugging hippie, you must go back to experience Woodstock. It was the culmination of the free-love, free-life movement. Days on end of incredible music, mind-bending drugs, and free-love experiences would be worth a trip back in time!

Berlin, 1989
If you love politics, then you just have to be in Berlin on November 9, 1989, when the Berlin wall comes down. What a moment of political triumph and tension. To be a part of this incredible moment in modern-day political history would be life changing.

London, 1560
Visiting London in 1560 as Queen Elizabeth I takes the thrown would be an amazing adventure. Be careful whom you talk to and avoid the topic of religion at all costs. The coronation balls and celebrations would be unlike anything you could imagine, but the political intrigue and backstabbing often had deadly results. You will want to steer clear!

Greece, 776 BC
As a true sports fan, you should go to the very first Olympic Games! It would be an eye-opener for sure. Talk about brute strength and doing anything to win! I think you might leave feeling that modern-day athletes are soft and have it easy in comparison!

Asheville, NC, 1896
As a true American romantic, you must visit Asheville, NC in 1896 right after the Biltmore House was finished by George Washington Vanderbilt. You could attend beautiful, turn-of-the-century balls with the richest family in American history. What an amazing experience it would be to walk the grounds of the beautiful estate with the family that built it and their friends!

The Day Your Grandparents Were Married
You are so close to your family, and seeing your grandparents as young, happy lovers just starting their lives would bring you new understanding of the bonds of family and all the things we have to be grateful for when it comes to our own lives. It can be hard to see that our elders were once just like us, but how amazing would it be to know them when their lives were just beginning?