What House Should You Buy?

Picking a new home can be overwhelming! Take this fun quiz to help you decide what kind of house you should buy!

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1. Do you like having lots of space?

Yes Not really

2. Do you have, or want to have, a large family?

Yes Not really

3. Do you like entertaining guests a lot?

Yes Not really

4. Do you like simple things?

Yes Not really

5. Do you like open floor plans?

Yes Not really

6. Do you like cooking and baking?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Ranch
You need space. You like a very open floor plan with large rooms. You want things to be very nice but uncomplicated. You want room for your family to grow and spread out. You also like to have plenty of room for guests to come over. A ranch is the perfect choice for you!

A Farmhouse
You like to have plenty of room to cook and bake. You aren't worried about your house being fancy, but you are a neat and clean person. You like being away from town with plenty of land around your home. Flowers and vegetable gardens are also things you enjoy. You would like a farmhouse!

A Studio Apartment
You like being close to all kinds of things and in the center of all the action. You don't need or want much space, just a nice place to sleep, get ready, and hang out while you wait for friends. A studio apartment would be a smart and fun choice for you!

A Condo
You are not one for yard work or house maintenance. You really like it when things feel new and clean. You enjoy being close to neighbors and feeling like a part of your community. You would do great with a new condo!

An Old Victorian
You love history, and you love feeling connected to the past. You don't want large rooms. You want each room of your home to be its own separate space. You like to sit on a porch and relax. You enjoy things that are beautiful and intricate in their design. You also enjoy collecting antiques. An old Victorian home would fit you to a T!

A Bungalow
You enjoy design that is meant to be in harmony with nature. You are a practical person but still enjoy beautiful things. You love natural materials and earth-tone colors. You would really enjoy owning a bungalow.