What Is My Moon Sign?

Most people low their Zodiac sign but are unaware of their moon sign. Your moon sign is very important and can tell you a great deal about who you are emotionally.

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You are a no-nonsense type. You're highly driven, and you are also very solitary. You like your alone time which can be good or bad. You need to get out into the world more. You also do not give your heart out easily, but when you do you really go for it!

You are super sensitive and caring. Almost everyone you meet loves you though and enjoys your company. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to you getting taken advantage of so make sure to keep your guard up a little while still opening your heart to the world.

You are an emotional being. You can be aggressive and short-tempered, but you are also determined. You are very intense. The good thing about you though is that even though you are quick to anger, you don't hold a grudge.

You are fun loving and clever. Your issue is that you get bored very easily and can start to do mischievous things. Continue to be your playful self but also work on showing your feelings more as it can only increase how wonderful you are to be around.

You have a spirit for adventure and a thirst for knowledge that is hard to match. You love to experience life to the fullest. You do tend to shy away from commitment though. Overall, you are always so positive and optimistic. Keep being you!

You are a leader and extremely confident. You know all that you've got going on, and you like to show it off. Your downfall tends to be your pride. Work on your pride and continue to be the generous person that you are and all will be well!