What Nebraska Small Town Would Fit You?

Nebraska's small towns all have their own unique charm and personality. Find out which town would be a good fit for you!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Located right on the second-largest lake in the state, Alma is a great place to live if you love the outdoors. Water sports and fishing are two favorite pastimes of this pretty little town's residents. There is also a gorgeous nine-hole golf course and a beautiful park--not to mention a sweet little downtown full of quaint shops and eateries.

If you love sports, playing them, watching them, and supporting them, then you will love living in Amherst. Amherst has big pride in all of their teams and lots of state champions to show for it! Amherst is also close to the nice smaller city of Kearney, making it convenient for shopping, doctors, and entertainment!

If you love beautiful trees and soft rolling hills, then Ashland is the small town for you. Close to Yanney State Park, Ashland is the perfect small town for people who love to enjoy the beauty of nature!

This small town, located in the Sandhills, is the home to true cowboys. If you like the idea of living a truly Western life in an itty-bitty town, Thedford is the perfect place to settle down!

Right off of the Republican River, Stamford is a family-oriented farm town. Surrounded by wheat and corn for as far as the eye can see, Stamford takes pride in its beautiful farms and close-knit families.

In the far north of Nebraska lies Valentine. Valentine is a great destination for those who love to learn about Nebraska's rich Native American history and for those who love to hunt (especially fowl).