Which Fairy-Tale Helper Are You?

The heroes and heroines often encounter a person or animal that helps them achieve their wish. Which one are you?

Tags: Fairy-Tale, Helper, Fantasy

Here are all the results with descriptions

Fairy Godmother
You're a benevolent benefactor with a huge heart, just like Cinderella's godmother or Pinocchio's Blue Fairy.

Like Tinker Bell, you can be devoted without being a slave. If something's not right, you won't hide your reaction!

You're a secret helper who doesn't need praise or acknowledgment, just like the brownie elves in 'The Elves and the Shoemaker.'

Talking Cricket
You're not just a helper; you're a pal, like good ol' Jiminy Cricket!

Like one of the famous seven, you don't solve anyone's problems for them. You give them support and encouragement, so they can help themselves!

Well, if someone asks, you'll lend a hand or grant a wish--if you're not napping or otherwise engaged.