What Kind Of Pioneer Would You Have Been?

The American frontier was vast and full of differing opportunities. Which one would have been right for you? Find out!

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What Kind Of Pioneer Would You Have Been?

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A Miner Forty-Niner
You were headed for Oregon to build a farm with your family, but they didn't survive the trail. So you caught that gold fever, headed to Californy instead, and struck gold.

A Religious Pioneer
Your religion wasn't gaining any traction back east, and your fellow congregation members decided to pack it up and head west. Your longing for a new world without limits got you on the wagon train, and you never looked back.

A Farmer
It was hard going at first, but you eventually found peace in the wide-open prairie and were able to build a really nice life.

A Trailblazer
You can't stand a mystery, so you trudged into the woods to find out what was on the other side. When you came back with news of what you'd seen, your kinfolk headed west to settle the best places you'd been.

A Teacher
You read all of the exciting, if scary, stories about what was going on in the West, but you didn't have a family. Your benefactor uncle was bearing down on you about your allowance, so you answered an ad for a teacher's position in a new settlement in Nebraska and started a new life.

A Shopkeeper
You were doing okay working in your dad's store back home, but your older brother was set to inherit it. You wanted a place of your own. Opportunity and adventure waited in the West, and according to your sister's letters from Kansas, there were lots of things that people needed that they couldn't get! You went west with what they wanted and opened a general store.