What Is Your Color?

Which color represents you? Find out now by taking our quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are red! Red symbolizes passion, culture, happiness, and good luck. You are a very charismatic, well-liked person ruled by your emotions. You can come across as very intense at times, which is a reflection of your deep soul and spirituality.

You are blue! Blue symbolizes peace, tranquility, and inner strength. You are a very analytical type of person, concerned with justice, philosophy, and reason. You are ruled by your head rather than your heart and always seem to be in control of your thoughts and emotions.

You are yellow. Yellow symbolizes joy, high energy, optimism, and mental clarity. You are a very happy individual whose positivity shines so brightly that it becomes contagious. As a result, people love being around you--making you a very popular person.

You are green. Green symbolizes nature, intellectualism, earthiness, stability, and abundance. You are a very hardworking, rational, and intelligent sort of person with a good conscience. You always strive to do what's right in every situation and are usually relied on to be a strong leader when necessary.

You are black. Black symbolizes power, elegance, formality, death, and mystery. You are a deep, intense individual with strong aspirations toward positions of power, authority, and financial prosperity. You do not settle for second best, and you will do everything within your power to rise to the top--no matter what is at stake.

You are white. White symbolizes purity, softness, perfection, and faith. You are likely to be strongly religious or intensely spiritual in some way. You strive to be a better person with every passing day, and you look for ways to serve your humanitarian goals through charity, volunteerism, or other public services.